Conversation with a cookie

Cookie: You know you want to eat me!

Me: No, I am trying to MODERATE my sugar intake.

Cookie: But I am so soft and chocolately. 

Me: I know, I ate one of your friends last night after I shared with the world I was going to cut back on sugar. 

Cookie: That’s not your fault. We are extremely tempting. 

Me: I’m not going to do it. I am just going to have cereal with the kids for breakfast. 

Cookie: But what about your morning sugar fix?! You have to have it. Come on, look at me. How about just a bite? 

Me: I will say I’ll have just a bite, and that will turn into two. Then I will come back in a few minutes for another, and another. And then you will be gone. 

Cookie: Well, how about a picture then?

Me [reluctantly]: Well, I guess that will be ok…. 

[I take the cookie and put it on a plate to take a picture.]

Cookie [with an evil laugh]: Now smell my intoxicating aroma!! 

Me: Damn you cookie!! 

[I try to hold my breath and take a picture at the same time]

Cookie: Just do it!! Eat me!

Me: No, I won’t. I am putting you back in the bag and then going to write about this on my blog. 

Cookie: I know you’ll be back!! 


So, I am proud to say I fought that cookie this morning and won. It is still menacingly sitting on the counter, calling my name from afar. But it is my goal today to beat the temptation. 

In case you are wondering, the offending pastry is a Trader Joe’s chocolate blizzard cookie. And here’s the picture it tricked me into taking. 




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