Hungry. All.The.Time

Why do I always feel hungry? I am trying to hard to be healthy but baby carrots and sugar snap peas just aren’t filling me up. I am trying to drink more water – but all that makes me do is pee all day – and all night long. I’ve been waking up several times a night to pee, and losing sleep can’t be a good thing!

What did I eat today, let’s see. Breakfast was a bowl of Kashi Warm cinnamon cereal. I had a mid-morning snack of a banana. Lunch was a slice of whole-wheat toast with sunflower seed butter. I then had a snack of snap peas and baby carrots with a little bit of ranch dressing. Then dinner was homemade pizza, followed by more snap peas and carrots.

My husband was went to the gym after the kids went to sleep. I worked out at home and the whole time and I was secretly hoping he’d bring home a McFlurry. I love those things. Mmmm. I really want one now. It is like 10 degrees outside and here I am thinking about ice cream. I used to have ice cream every night. I did. I keep telling myself, I’ll save it for the weekend, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I miss it, I really do.

So what about this hunger thing? Is it because I just got my monthly friend? Or am I not eating enough? I plugged in all my information into mapmyfitness, which I mainly use as a GPS tracker, but was curious about the nutrition thing. I feel like it gave me a ridiculous amount of calories a day. So maybe I am eating too little. I need to do some research on healthy, FILLING meals and snacks. Maybe if I felt full I’d stop thinking so much about ice cream.

mcflurryMcFlurry, oh how I miss you…


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