Weekend Cheating

My love affair with sugar is way too strong to let it go completely. Maybe sometime the infatuation will wane, but for now, I have to keep it in my life. So what I’ve decided is that I will allow myself one indulgent dessert on the weekend. Starting on Thursday, I was so looking forward to my weekend sugar rush. It was like waiting for some special event in my life – which is kind of pathetic, now that I think about it. 

Oh well. What can I do? It is what it is. Friday night I actually had a dream about ice cream. That’s how excited I was. 

Saturday morning I started off the day with a half a banana and spin class. Spinning was followed by the rest of the banana and cereal. I won’t bore you with the rest of my meals. 

We went to my parents’ house later that day and my brother and I discussed the benefits of protein powder. You may remember my post last week about being hungry all the time. I’d read on some forums that people use protein powder in shakes or smoothies to feel fuller longer, so I thought maybe I should try it. I picked some up at Whole Foods earlier in the day, and since my brother is into fitness and stuff, I thought maybe he’d tried it before. He said it is pretty disgusting and that he puts it in a glass of water and chugs it… Here I’d been thinking of this beautiful shake with berries and banana and a scoop of protein powder as this healthy and delicious thing and he ruined it. I’m still going to give it a try, but of course now my mind is tainted. 

Fast forward to coming home and putting the kids in bed and it was DESSERT TIME. I went all out. I’m a little ashamed but I made my husband go out and get me a Friendly’s sundae. Not that he was really complaining. And what am I saying I was ashamed? I’m not ashamed. I went the whole week without eating sugary crap (well, not counting that damn granola bar) and this was my reward!! 

You know what though, I do think that the cravings are starting to subside a bit. I’m not thinking about it constantly now, maybe only once or twice an hour. Ha – that still sounds bad. I’ll get there. I have faith in myself.  


2 responses

  1. A friend gave me a wonderful Christmas gift….a sorbet and ice cream maker, something that I had never purchased for myself…..and I was trying to be so good for 2013….and since I had some Limoncello in my kitchen I thought…..Limoncello Sorbet! So I can totally understand…….I allow myself a large heaping tablespoon….once every three days!

  2. We have an ice cream maker too, but never really use it. I actually found a recipe for banana coconut “ice cream” that has no dairy and no added sugar, except for a little bit of agave. I’m going to be trying it this weekend.

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