I don’t want to be THAT momI

ImageI am not a germaphobe, I’m really not. I don’t care if my kids play in dirt, roll around it, and then tell me how tasty it is. I actually think that peole are too “clean” these days. No, I don’t mean they take too many showers, I mean that people are obessed with antibacterial stuff. Bath and Body Works makes a killing on their antibacterial line of soaps and lotions. I am a firm believer that people, escpecially kids, need to be exposed to different “germs” in order to build a strong immune system. I think bacterial resistance is becoming a serious issue due to the overuse of these products (and the unecessary prescribing of antibiotics, but I’ll save that for another post.)

However, in the winter, there is a germaphobe who sits on my shoulder whispering to me about the dreaded stomach virus and that nasty influenza. I make sure everyone in my family practices good hand-washing, which, in reality, is important all the time, but I also tend to become a hermit in the winter; not wanting to leave the house because of the fear someone will contract something and then everyone in my house will be vomiting. And we only have one bathroom… 

There are certain places I avoid – like the play area at the library. That place is like an incubator for disease. I used to take the twins there when they were babies, and they would get sick every single time. 

This year, I have been avoiding the nursery at the gym. The problem with this is that it cuts down my time at the gym to only weekends. I joined this gym back in September when my twins started preschool because it had a nursery/babysitting included in the membership. I figured I’d drop Little Man and Monkey off at school, and then Boo Bear could stay in the nursery while I worked out for an hour. This was great until Boo developed stranger anxiety like two months later. I would only be able to leave her if her brother and sister accompanied her. So this limited me to Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Then, the flu season started. I started to think of the gym nursery like the library play area. So, it became a place to avoid. The past week I’ve been reconsidering. After all, the twins go to preschool and Boo goes to Mommy and  Me, so they’re getting exposed to all this stuff anyway. 

This brings me to the point of this post. I decided I would go to spin class today and drop all three off in the nursery. But you can probably guess what happened. All three kids sick. They all have a hacking cough, and Monkey has that glassy eyed look she always gets when she is under the weather. If I took them I’d be that mom. The one I always criticize for bring her sick kids to school, the library, the gym. 

I’m ready for spring. 


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  1. The 1st half of your post I wholeheartedly agree on re over use of antibacterials and germ phobia etc etc. Then you go on to say how you avoid all these places in winter. Children catch everything going because they are young and have little immunity but guess what, they build up thier immunity levels…by catching and getting over stuff! Every bug they catch increases their strength to resistance in later years so whilst its hard work caring for sick children, (assuming they are fit and healthy normally) then its part of life. It would be more tragic to curtail your activities and childrens socialising for fear of what they might catch.

    • I know, I agree with you. My fear of them catching something is irrational. Honestly, I think it stems from my own fear of getting sick, and the logistical aspects of dealing with three kids and possibly two adults with a stomach bug at the same time! Thank you for reminding me of this, I am going to start venturing out more!

  2. Go for it! I have 3 children now grown up, they are very rarely sick and are robust and in great shape/health, They ate mud, played with animals without washing thier hands constantly, mixed in playgroups full of snotty kids, caught everything going whilst out and about and in my opinion have reaped the benefits! Don’t worry and let it happen. Yes it is horrible when everyone comes down with stuff but thats life and parenting. 🙂

    • I know – My fear is that they will catch something by bringing them to the gym. I didn’t bring them today because I didn’t want to be the person who lets their kids spread germs everywhere!

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