A week of deadlines, followed by a blizzard has not been the best atmosphere for keeping my healthy habits. The stress of the deadlines had me craving sweets more than ever, which T indulged by getting me TCBY. Better than ice cream, I guess, but not exactly without sugar! It actually turned out to be ok since I missed my “weekend cheat” by being completely snowed in…

Then, came the news reports that a blizzard was headed towards our area. The forecasts were saying anywhere from 3-27inches of snow. I went out and stocked up on the obligatory bread, milk,and batteries, but did manage to bypass the cookies and ice cream, although it was a very difficult urge to fight! Instead I bought chips and pretzels, which proved to be a nemesis later.

The aftermath of Superstorm Sandy had everyone everyone around here in a panic and so I waited on line Friday morning for gas, the second thing you are “supposed to do” when a storm is imminent.

Then the snow started falling… and falling … and falling .I set the thermostat to 80 in fear of the power going out. The wind gusts were forecasted to be over 50mph and after being without power for 9 days following Sandy, I was paranoid. By the time it was all said and done, 32 inches of the white stuff covered everything.I have never seen so much snow fall at once, but the power stayed on, so I was grateful for that.

Before the storm hit I had figured we’d be stuck inside Saturday, but everything would be back to normal on Sunday. That was before cars got stuck everwhere. That was before plows couldn’t get down streets because of stranded cars, and were getting stuck themselves. Luckily, a plow came down our street Sat. morning, and semi-cleared a narrow lane, but major roads around me still hadn’t been plowed on Sunday.

Today, Monday, it is raining, and the streets are a mess. People went to work in the horrible conditions and are getting stuck once again, joining the vehicles that are still stranded on the sides of roads. School was cancelled, so me and the kids are inside for the third day in a row. I haven’t been to the gym in days and am eating pop chips as I write this.

A blizzard and healthy eating do not mix – that’s for sure.

And after two major storms in three months I now understand why you are “supposed” to go food shopping, and why you are supposed to fill up your gas tank.

This is what my street looked like on Saturday morning:

DSC_0863 DSC_0864 DSC_0862